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How to invest in the metaverse? Get to know this opportunity!

Como investir no metaverso? Conheça essa oportunidade!

How to invest in the metaverse? Get to know this opportunity!

While we eagerly await the arrival of web 3.0 and all its changes in the way we deal with privacy and content distribution, a revolution is already happening in marketing rooms around the world: the metaverse.

This new reality (literally speaking) is just taking its first steps, but it is already drawing the attention of corporations from the most varied markets around the world.

This demonstrates the great economic potential, as well as the impacts – as yet undefined – that this disruptive technology will have on various aspects of daily life.

And with an important difference: the metaverse will relate to other equally revolutionary concepts that already exist beyond the third wave of the Internet – augmented reality, virtual reality, holograms, blockchain, smart contracts, tokens, and cryptocurrencies!

And just as many experts got it wrong with digital currencies and tokenization, we will get it wrong with the metaverse: it is not a fad and it will be part of everyone’s life, businesses and people, at the most different levels.

But how to invest in the metaverse and board this train of opportunity?

In this article, BLOCKBR shows the features, who has already taken a seat on this journey, and how it is possible to generate income from this (yet another) great technological disruption!


The metaverse is an immersive virtual environment that links the digital world and the real world, where people take on digital representations – the 3D avatars – and experience various contexts of representing the physical world.

You will be able to have the most varied experiences in relationships, entertainment, consumption and investment – work, shopping, social relationships and events, and other activities.

To better understand the extent of the metaverse, we need only imagine life today without virtual connections, the expansion of the way we relate and do business, and all the technologies that support these transformations.

Yes: to some extent, the metaverse already exists in our everyday life. With it, virtual life is reaching an even more immersive, economically decentralized and user-centric level.



More than providing the graphically realistic environment, the metaverse wants to deliver the realism of the activities for people to create a true story, based on facts that are considered to be real.


It is the ability that people will have to be in the most diverse metaverse environments, simultaneously, allowing a level of richness in relationships and proximity that we have not yet achieved with current technologies.


With the ubiquity of the metaverse, will digital and physical presence in the same activity cause legal problems? If this is still an issue in some respects, the metaverse world has its own (and legal) mechanisms for regulation.

Virtual wallets and smart contracts, with their high-level cryptography, support all the commercial and financial activities-for example, using bitcoin or ether to buy tokenized stocks-that people will do in this virtual world.

You can at the same time buy shares of the same company over the phone with a broker, and both operations are backed by their respective contracts.


Decentralization is one of the pillars of the success of digital currencies and asset tokens and will be decisive for the metaverse economy, using crypto-actives as currency in peer-to-peer transactions supported by the high-level security of the blockchain.


Here is the concept that attracts so much attention from markets, especially entertainment worldwide to operate in the metaverse: the possibility to be seen, to relate and to sell to a borderless audience.

Metaverse Scalability


An increasing number of market segments are investing in the new business possibilities that the characteristics of the metaverse provide.

We can point out that these are niches where reference brands have already been operating for some time with projects based on tokens and cryptocurrencies, especially NFT, tokens closely linked to exclusivity and uniqueness – the hallmarks of these markets.


The growing success of NFTs is leading fashionable luxury brands to bet on selling exclusive items on the available metaverses. The projects are associated with the most successful niche in the new reality: cryptogames.

Gucci and Vans are partnering with the game Roblox to offer unique and customized items, while Balenciaga has brought an innovative project: offering garment skins for Fortnite player avatars.


Galleries such as Sotheby’s allow owners to display and sell at auction art pieces in NFT.


Advertising agencies are exploiting digital billboards that are built by property owners in the metaverse, generating visibility for their clients’ products and generating income for the owners.


This is, without a doubt, one of the most active niches in the metaverse, with established artists and DJs in exclusive shows. The success in this segment is due to a number of factors:

  • The strong appeal of the environment among young people;
  • The volume of potential audience;
  • The potential to sell sponsorship quotas.

A well-known example is Ariana Grande’s concert inside the cryptogame Fortnite.


The metaverse is a reality that will only tend to evolve in the coming years, mainly because it is a solid environment on which Web 3.0 will develop. The opportunities to invest and make a profit in the metaverse are many.


Investing in tokenized shares of companies in the metaverse is a great form of investment, from their expansion in the environment and the appreciation of the brands. Some Brazilian companies already have projects in the environment – Itaú, Renner, and Banco do Brasil.

Large international companies – Facebook, Google and others – also offer metaverse shares abroad, which can be bought in Brazil through BDRs.


Every asset in a metaverse – real estate, land, vehicles, skins, player apparel and accessories, brands, and other items – can be tokenized – converting its value into small fractions so that it can be offered for purchase in the environment.

As happens in the real world, the assets in the metaverse appreciate in value according to various factors and become an excellent way to invest in the metaverse.


It is possible to invest and earn considerable income with a metaverse’s cryptocurrency, such as SAND from The Sandbox metaverse, AXS for Axie Infinity, and MANA from Decentraland.

Cryptocurrencies are already traditionally a high-return investment, although they are also proportionally risky and highly volatile.

Therefore, we can imagine that, within an environment with high visibility, massive investments from companies, and rapid growth, digital currencies are an option with great prospects.


An efficient way to make money in the metaverse is to offer tokenized assets, which can represent physical goods or be items native to the metaverse.

Thus, there are two ways to take advantage of this option:

  • By placing your brand inside the metaverse and offering a good or right (for example, your company’s shares);
  • Offer personal objects of value – artwork and collectibles;
  • Sell tokenized items related to your business, as with the fashion companies we mentioned earlier.

One highly positive aspect of doing business in the metaverse is democratization; not only corporations and large companies can exist in this environment and profit from a new and broad visibility.

Medium and small businesses and individuals can enjoy the benefits of this new world and increase revenue, as well as project the brand at the forefront of technology!

BLOCKBR Digital Assets is a fintech that combines technological innovation and digital knowledge to transform physical assets into digital ones, in the asset tokenization process.

The offer of tokenized physical and financial assets, both current and new, is democratic and decentralized, which makes investing safer, simpler and more efficient.

We enable, structure, issue and offer tokens on our platform and beyond. Be aware that tokens depend on feasibility and regulatory factors.

Do you want to tokenize your business or part of it? Do you have a business solution and does it make sense to issue your own token ?

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