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Promising crypto assets for banks and companies!

Criptoativos promissores para bancos e empresas!

Promising crypto assets for banks and companies!

Talking about asset tokenization is becoming more common every day in companies. More industries are tokenizing goods, products, services and processes with excellent results, but what are the promising crypto assets for banks and companies?

Fortunately, this is a question that can have several answers for each sector of activity, as tokenization technology can be applied in the most different business models and generate a series of benefits.

Parallel to this, the regulation of cryptocurrencies – also known as monetary tokens – in Brazil, sanctioned at the end of 2022, will boost their use in commerce and give more credibility to cryptoassets, benefiting business tokens.

We are moving towards a tokenized economy – more agile, secure and with broader possibilities for everyone – companies, investors and consumers.

BLOCKBR, a native web 3.0 company, will talk about opportunities with crypto assets for banks and companies that will improve performance and boost profits!


Cryptoassetstokens and cryptocurrencies – are today’s most innovative business vehicles and provide a number of benefits for issuers and investors. Here are some of them.


Cryptoassets are produced and traded on blockchain, a digital environment with the highest levels of data security. Consensus protocols used to approve transactions and smart contract management provide transparency, prevent fraud and duplicate token sales.


Business and investment tokens are 100% available for trading as the blockchain never closes. It is possible to invest in tokens at any time and day, even on holidays.


Tokenized assets can be fractionated and offered for low values, which greatly increases the base of potential investors and accelerates tokenization liquidity. In addition, the high processing capacity of the blockchain computer network enhances the speed of business.


With the fractionation of assets, which allows for better unit prices than a single asset value, and the absence of intermediaries, allowing business directly between issuers and investors, the profitability of tokenization is greater than traditional forms of supply.

CVM regulation: what impact does it have on tokenization?



This is a token purpose that is little known; use to tokenize processes and production chains. Several projects already exist in this direction.


This is one of the pioneering and most active sectors in the use of tokens for processes and operations, where efficiency is the greatest differential for the competitiveness of companies in this market.

A prominent case is the IBM Food Trust.

It is a collaborative network of agribusiness producers, wholesalers, distributors and other market agents, which uses tokenization in the end-to-end production chain to provide customers with all information – culture, management, logistics and distribution – in QR codes on products.


Once one of the most critical sectors of the economy for the use of tokens in the economy, banks are becoming some of the biggest investors in the technology. And in them we will find the combination of the use of operations tokenization with business tokens.

There are already several projects in progress, such as Itaú Digital Assets, an arm of the largest commercial bank in the country that will offer tokens backed by receivables and other financial assets and TaaS (token as a service).

Bradesco launched in January 2023, in the regulatory sandbox of BACEN, the first tokenization of financial assets with the issuance of tokenized CCBs.

In addition to these initiatives, banks are investing in tokenization to improve their service chains and new asset offerings, which suffer from excessive bureaucracy.



This is the opportunity with the most significant tokenization: offering goods, products and services at better prices and to more people – and it is available to all markets.

Token splitting is key to these goals.

Unlike the one-time sale of a property or a soybean crop, for example, which is restricted to a small group of potential buyers, it is possible to split the good into hundreds or thousands of tokens at much lower prices.

Currently, there are already offers of tokens starting at 50 reais.

Fractionation democratizes access, encouraging small investors to move from savings accounts to profitable assets.

Click here to learn more about all the benefits of tokenizing your company’s assets, services and processes!


In addition to assets and products and services from the companies’ portfolio, tokenization also takes all its advantages to the capitalization of companies, which can be done in two ways.


Expansion of facilities, opening a new factory, expanding the portfolio are some of the projects that can be tokenized and raise funds faster and deliver better results.

BLOCKBR already operates in the first tokenized gold mine in Brazil. With it, the client will leverage financial results for the start and development of the mining project.


Equity tokens entitle you to vote on strategic decisions and share in the profits of underlying issuing companies.

Here, the possibility of splitting the company’s capital into very small parts is the differential for raising funds more quickly, as the tokens are accessible to a larger audience. In addition, the offer process is more agile and without traditional intermediaries.

Equity tokens can be classified into:

  • Ordinary Equity Tokens: Voting power and profit distribution are distributed equally;
  • Equity tokens of classes: categories that vary in the number of votes and in the percentage of profit distribution.


The token and blockchain technology are embracing all markets and business models. Today, there is no industry that cannot benefit from tokenization.

Buying token will stop being an idea for a few and become a practice for many! And with an extra benefit: tokenized assets can be purchased by people anywhere in the world.

This is a crucial advantage to gain competitiveness with an audience increasingly inserted in the digital market.

Transforming assets into tokens and offering them on the market are simpler tasks than they seem. Just get to know the work with the token project at BLOCKBR.

You don’t want to see the competition get ahead. So come talk to BLOCKBR.

We have the best token offering strategy on the market!

BLOCKBR Digital Assets is a native fintech web 3.0 that brings technological innovation and digital knowledge to transform physical assets into digital ones, in the tokenization process.

The supply of tokenized assets is democratic and decentralized, which makes the way of investing safe, simpler and more efficient.

We enable, structure, issue and offer tokens on our platform and beyond. Be aware that tokens depend on feasibility and regulatory factors.

Do you want to tokenize your business or part of it? Do you have a business solution and does it make sense to issue your own token ?

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