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What is the potential of web 3.0 in Brazil?

Qual é o potencial da web 3.0 no Brasil?

What is the potential of web 3.0 in Brazil?

We are coming to a new era of the Internet that promises to be the most transformative in terms of concepts and practices, based on the disruption of blockchain, tokenization, and cryptocurrencies. As in the whole world, much is being speculated about how web 3.0 will be in Brazil.

The truth is that the third generation Internet is based on breaking with the control that big techs exert over content, as well as the unrestricted – and often unethical – use for their strategies and market.

The model of a decentralized web is also gaining strength as mechanisms of the same nature are performing well in global economies and overcoming resistance from the financial and banking sectors.

These are important victories and certainly these technologies will be the technological basis in the new web.

The third web is a theme that moves all the interest of BLOCKBR, a web 3.0 native company with a vision of social and economic future based on the transformations that will open paths for all businesses and social groups!


The web 3.0 or third generation web is a new phase of the internet marked by major changes in the way we will deal with the information generated in terms of ownership and freedom of use, founded on:

  • Decentralization: information is no longer held in custody by large technology and social media companies;
  • Less or no dependence on big tech for content production and dissemination;
  • Users’ power over their own production;
  • Little or no mediation or monitoring of publications and user interactions;
  • Use of financial resources not controlled by the state and without intervention and pricing of financial institutions;
  • Financial services hitherto offered exclusively by banks.

As we can see, the construction and development of web3 goes through the relevant presences of disruptive technologies that are already in full operation among us.

In short, we can say that we are moving towards an internet in the hands of those who create it, with all the opportunities in web 3.0 and the risks that this will represent.

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The emergence of cryptocurrencies is the watershed event in the discussion about decentralization – data is not controlled by a central entity and is not even stored on a single server.

They exist on every computer in a blockchain and the moves are validated by consensus proofs and smart contracts, which prevent duplication of a piece of data.

This distributed database model differs, for example, from the balances available in checking accounts, which are controlled by the bank’s servers.

This principle of decentralization is at the heart of the Web 3.0 infrastructure – instead of data being at fixed addresses (the HTTPs) and stored on service servers, it will be generated on blockchains and stored in multiple locations simultaneously.

Decentralization breaks the power of the big techs, who are left without control and access to the data that travels on their platforms and which they use inadvertently and without the assurance that it is in a truly secure environment.


Web 3.0 applications will be on blockchains or decentralized peer-to-peer networks – directly between users and without an instance of monitoring and moderation. People will have wide freedom to produce content.

While on the one hand it is an important transformation for content that is relevant and conveniently blocked (censorship or economic or political interests) by a moderation to be seen, there is concern about the rise of hate speech and persecution and the encouragement of crime.

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It will be the main technological vehicle for web 3.0 paradigms because it is an environment where decentralization and distribution of data are basic foundations for functioning.

It is a shared database of infinite dimensions, where the information output is protected by high-level encryption and a system of information chaining (the block chain) that gives maximum protection.

No other environment, therefore, is more conducive to Web 3.0 content development.

The blockchain is where all the other technological innovations that will support the new Internet – cryptocurrencies, business tokens, DeFi, and the decentralized applications (dApps) – are processed.



Tokenization will be fundamental in the development of business relationships in web version 3, because it dispenses, in the vast majority of segments, with the trust validation mechanisms (governments, banks, regulatory bodies) that we know today.

It is estimated that by 2030 we will have 10% of the world’s GDP tokenized.

It is a business ecosystem with great potential for companies that will migrate to the decentralization of the web, combining online commerce and tokenized goods, products and services, such as utility tokens and super-structured tokens.


Brazil is considered to be one of the countries with the greatest potential for web 3.0 growth due to the exponential growth of the cryptoactive markets – cryptocurrencies and business tokens.

Studies point the country as the largest region when it comes to cryptoactive adoption, besides the fact that Brazil should have the leadership in the tokenization market as early as 2023.

We are a country with a tradition of seeking technological innovations in society and in business. Some facts show this prominence.


  • Strong investments in web3 and blockchain;
  • One of the largest countries in investing in tokens in the various categories, notably security tokens and structured tokens;
  • 4 hours a day on average per person surfing on social networks;
  • 75% of Brazilians use the Internet daily;
  • One of the largest online marketplaces in the world.

Another important aspect is the growing participation of the State and the Brazilian financial system in the promotion and development of initiatives with new technologies.

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Buying token assets, rights and services will be routine in Web 3.0 and you can start earning now!

There are several tokenization offers with great terms and remunerations, for investors who are starting out, it is possible to invest with 50 reals and build a solid portfolio.

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