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Why have fans tokens been number 1 in Brazil?

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Why have fans tokens been number 1 in Brazil?

The Fan Token is a cryptoactive that gives some rights depending on what the asset’s owner will grant.

Be it participating in voting to choose the music that will play in the stadium, signing a shirt, points to travel and accompany the team if it reaches a final, etc… . According to the amount of tokens in the wallet, the fan who has a higher number has more influence on decisions.

It may value r , but it is purely speculative. Although the fan token is not a financial asset, it is an instrument that guarantees a source of income for a club, while creating a new way for the fans to interact and support their team, the club receives the money raised by them.

It’s interesting as long as a club doesn’t have very big liabilities, or it has youth players who can be new promises for world football.

We are just at the beginning of the tokenization era and many tokens will be created to offer everything from the most amazing to the dumbest things possible. You can’t be too careful, because when we talk about money, there will always be good and bad, so be aware of the ballast that each token must provide. If you don’t care about guarantees, invest knowing the risks and that the probability of a quick rise is dependent on the stars a particular team has. If a star gets hurt, you’ll likely have to sell your token quickly.

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